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Roane State Campbell County hosts cybersecurity seminar | Lafollette | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The Campbell County campus of Roane State Community College played host to a talk on data privacy and cybersecurity on May 22.

George Meghabghab, a professor for over 25 years at Roane State and director of the IT program, taught a seminar covering various topics related to cybersecurity, data privacy online and hacking tactics that small businesses may be at risk of.

Attendees were taught plenty of details about cybersecurity from an accredited professional in the field whilst enjoying a complimentary lunch from Roane State. There was no cost to attend the event so as to provide as many people as possible with the ability to become educated on this new and growing area of security in society. Attendees were asked to register on the Roane State Community College website prior to the event.

Meghabghab spoke about the importance of keeping online data confidential when running a business and explained to the attendees tactics that they could use, as small business operators and owners, in order to avoid experiencing a data breach.

“I say cybersecurity is really managing … the risk,” Meghabghab said. “Do I know how to manage my risk?”

Knowledge on the topic of cybersecurity is extremely valuable and necessary for businesses to be aware of. The goal of Meghabghab’s IT program, which focuses on programming, networking and cyber defense, is to share this knowledge with the students of Roane State who will graduate and go on to use this knowledge in their future careers.

“Our graduates have been hired by local companies and not-so-local companies,” Meghabghab said. “Our retention rate is high; our graduation rate is high.”

This Lunch & Learn hosted by Roane State Community College at Campbell County was a fun and informative way for people in the community to gather and learn about how they can protect their company or small business from cyberattacks.


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