robert&kristen | “you were the one”

-I don’t know if you can have a soulmate, but sometimes you meet someone and you know they’ll always be with you for the rest of your life.- R. Pattinson This took me only two days to make cause the song was sooo inspiring. So a big thank you to Anna for that.. I basically stole the song from her when she made me listen to it haha she was so nice to let me be the one to make the video with it 🙂 Thanks for this and for your help bitch! ♥ lol So this is about finding “that one” person. The one. I have a very complicated theory about soulmates (not here telling it and boring you…) but Robert and Kristen are able to destroy it and make me believe that really couldn’t be anyone else for them… They are their “ones”. Just wanted to dedicate this to my 1000+ subs (again..) lol Thanks so much for having the patience of subbing again and again when youtube (or some fucking hacker) is being bitchy with me.. THANK YOU! SO MUCH! 🙂 Hope you like it 🙂 Song: Holding on and letting go – Ross Copperman 23.08.2011 #27 – I più commentati (questa settimana) – Intrattenimento #21 – I preferiti (questo mese) – Intrattenimento #63 – I preferiti (oggi) – Intrattenimento – Globale #1 – I preferiti (oggi) #1 – I preferiti (oggi) – Intrattenimento #13 – I preferiti (questa settimana) #4 – I preferiti (questa settimana) – Intrattenimento #72 – I più votati (questo mese) – Intrattenimento #15 – I più votati (oggi) #3 – I più votati (oggi) – Intrattenimento #87 – I più votati (questa settimana

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