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Roblox’s Child Hacker Controversy Explained | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

According to the research done by IGN, third-party sites, or scripts made by child hackers, are essential to the scams. In most cases, these are phishing scams where underage hackers are able to convince other players to click on a link and fill out account information, like this one on Twitter. They generally target players who have pricey items.

From there, a popular tactic is to use third-party sites to gamble the victim’s items, moving everything over to the hacker, who can quickly sell them and make them virtually untraceable. In the underground community for the game, this is generally called “beaming.”

Victims are generally young, and their stuff is stolen so quickly that the scam is difficult to counteract once it takes place. It also leaves scars on children, as a Kidspot article explained that IGN referenced. This child was scammed out of hundreds of dollars they had saved up from birthdays, and after being robbed, they’re paranoid that everyone in the game will scam them again. They also faced cyber bullying after begging for their items back. There are entire Reddit communities dedicated to sharing current scams to try and help players not fall for them as well. 

As IGN brought up, it’s difficult to make child hackers understand the harm they’re doing. So, that leaves “Roblox” and third-party sites to protect the kids in-game. However, no one seems to be doing quite enough to stop the problem.


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