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Michael Oszust and Meghan Bunchman

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WOOD) — A ransomware attack targeting Rockford Public Schools shut down its phone and email systems Wednesday, though classes remained in session.

School staffers found several ransom notes printed out in the district’s media center announcing the hack. There’s no word on how much the hackers demanded from the district to restore the system, though the notes indicated the attack was not politically motivated.

In an email to parents and guardians, Superintendent Steve Matthews said the district’s buildings were secure and emergency phones were placed in each building.

“We received a message on some random printers throughout the district that said somebody had access to our network, and they’re going to hold it for ransom,” Matthews told News 8. “We shut down our network. We told all of our staff to do school kind of the old-fashioned way today, using books, paper and pencil.”

Matthews said all Wi-Fi was taken down as a precaution to limit attackers’ access to district and student data as the district determined the next steps to take.

“We’re pretty confident that this is not a local event. It came from overseas. We don’t think there is any safety compromise today. So we’re in school,” Matthews said. “We feel like things can proceed as normal, just not being able to access technology today.”

Still, for Karla Marsman and her granddaughter, the hack was upsetting enough to leave school early.

“I got a call that the internet was hacked and she asked me to pick her up,” Marsman said.

The FBI is investigating the ransomware attack.


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