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Make sure your dreamboat isn’t a nightmare waiting to happen

To win your trust, scammers press every emotional lever, preying on loneliness and our shared need for
companionship. Here’s a quick review of their favorite strategies:

The desperate “friend”: Scammers often pose as a trusted romantic interest or family member, claiming to be in trouble and in need of an emergency wire transfer. Scenarios include medical emergencies, car accidents, and muggings. Always take time to collect your thoughts and confirm the identity of that person in need.

Love at first “like”: Scammers like to strike just days or hours after getting a response, showering you with
attention before you’ve had a chance to verify their identity, or even collect your thoughts.

No time to spare!: Often, your scammer will up the urgency to manipulate you into sending cash.

Catfishing: Watch out for fake online profiles that often use real photos on social media or dating apps and websites.

In love, but never in person: Romance frauds will always wiggle out of meeting in-person. They have to! Common excuses include working overseas, serving in the military, sailing as a merchant marine, and more.

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