Romanian hacker Guccifer says US allegation against Russia are part of “fake cyber war”

Famous Romanian hacker Guccifer, who is currently serving time in Romania for having hacked some e-mail accounts of important political figures and celebrities, spoke to a Fox News journalist about the latest diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

During phone conversations with Fox News Senior Executive Producer Pamela Browne, Guccifer, on his real name Marcel Lazar, said that he doubted the Obama administration’s allegations about Moscow directing cyber-attacks against the Democratic National Convention during the 2016 presidential election, and described them as part of a “fake cyber war.”

“Americans are crazy about the Russian thing and that Russians are invading the United States,” Guccifer said.

In late-December last year, American President Barack Obama issued sanctions against Russian agencies and companies, and took the decision to expel 35 people believed to be Russian intelligence operatives living in the U.S.

Fox News reports that two weeks before the 35 diplomats were expelled, Guciffer predicted in some interviews that there “will be probes and indictments against some Russian people.”

Guccifer is currently in a Romanian prison. In early September last year, he was sentenced to 52 months in prison by a U.S. court for breaking into computer accounts of the Bush family, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and others. He was previously convicted to prison in Romania for hacking into the email accounts of several local personalities.

Famous Romanian hacker Guccifer becomes pawn in the US presidential campaign


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