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Ron DeSantis says he can do more for Florida as President than as Governor | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

He says he can do ‘more for the country’ as well.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he can do more for Florida as President than he can in his current role.

During a press conference at JAXPORT, the Republican chief executive who was re-elected just last year diminished the importance of finishing his second term as Governor.

“I will be able to do, you know, more for Florida as the President than I can in two years as Governor, but also more for the country,” DeSantis said.

The Governor also stressed that he isn’t interested in being the running mate for any other candidate, a position he’s maintained for months.

“I have no interest in being the No. 2,” DeSantis told reporters.

The Governor also spoke to the “narrowing” of the race on the Republican side, noting that while in 2016 there were “many candidates” in the field who “stayed in for many contests,” this time around he expects the field to “continue to do that” consolidation process.

He lauded “great guys” Mike Pence and Tim Scott, the former Vice President and the current Senator from South Carolina, who have left the presidential race in recent weeks. DeSantis also noted his strength not just in Iowa, but in another state where he hasn’t made many appearances yet.

“I would also note, I don’t know if the media picked up on this, all the campaigns last week had to file delegate slates in Alabama. So, you know, if you win the Primary, your 50 delegates go to the convention and they vote for you, right? Only three campaigns were able to fill out a full slate. We were the first one to do it. Then Donald Trump, then Nikki Haley, no one else filled out even close to a full slate of delegates.”

DeSantis recently questioned why the next Republican presidential debate is in Alabama, suggesting Iowa or New Hampshire would be more appropriate given their early selection contests.

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