Roseburg’s daily newspaper misses first print edition in years after ransomware attack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The News-Review, Roseburg’s 150-year-old daily newspaper, missed its first print edition in years Tuesday.

A ransomware attack targeting Lotus Media Group, which oversees The News-Review as well as five local radio stations, has disrupted operations, locking employees out of their email, as well as key systems used to design the print newspaper.

News-Review managing editor Sanne Godfrey said the attack has been reported to the police. She said the print edition may look a little different for the next few days because the paper’s fonts and templates have been lost.

“It’s very unlikely we will be getting anything back, so what we’re working on now is rebuilding everything from scratch,” she said.

Godfrey said the entire staff has been working hard to restore operations and continue reporting the news.

“Everything has to work differently for us this week,” she said. “It’s a change, but everyone’s doing a great job adjusting. We’re absolutely publishing stories as much as we can, as early as we can.”

Godfrey said the only other time she can recall missing a print edition is the 2019 snowstorm, when widespread damage and dangerous roads blocked employees from reaching the office and printing facilities.


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