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Rota SBDC hosts Cybersecurity for Small Businesses, Federal Contracting 101 training | Local News | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

ROTA—The Rota Small Business Development Center is proud to announce the successful completion of its inaugural Cybersecurity for Small Businesses training in the Municipality of Rota, held on Thursday, May 23, 2024. This no-cost training was designed to enhance the cybersecurity awareness and capabilities of local entrepreneurs, providing them with practical and affordable tools to protect their businesses from potential cyber threats.

Herman M. Kintol, owner of KRS Cyberworx, led the afternoon session, where he focused on the importance of awareness to potential cyberhackers and offered strategies to better position businesses to combat these threats. Trainees were educated on the latest cybersecurity practices, empowering them to safeguard their digital assets and maintain secure business operations in an increasingly digital world. Kintol highlighted small businesses as the most vulnerable to cyberattacks, sharing some actual events within our region that negatively impacted both public and private sector agencies who fell victim to cybercrime within recent history. Kintol commended the participants, applauding them for their ability to recognize the potential threat of not practicing good cybersecurity hygiene, and realizing the need to take proactive measures to protect their small businesses as more and more businesses become targets of cyberattacks nationwide.

Earlier in the day, the training series included a Federal Contracting 101 session facilitated by Boris Hertslet, program manager of the Guam APEX Accelerator. The morning’s session focused on navigating the registration process in federal government procurement site SAM.gov, and developing effective Capabilities Statements, crucial for local businesses looking to secure government contracts.

Hertslet was also on Saipan the day before conducting the same training for Saipan-based businesses looking to further expand their economic opportunities toward bidding for federal contracts. Hertslet highlighted critical information on taking advantage of the various SBA-recognized certifications that can directly impact a business’ ability to gain preferential points in the federal procurement process.

Rota SBDC continues to play a pivotal role in the economic development of the island of Rota by offering high-quality training and resources. The collaboration with experts like Kintol and Hertslet ensures that Rota local businesses receive the best guidance and support available.

Nadine C. Deleon Guerrero, network director of the CNMI SBDC, expressed satisfaction with the successful turnout and positive feedback from participants stating, “These training sessions are a vital part of our commitment to support and develop local businesses. By positioning themselves effectively for federal contracts and enhancing their cybersecurity measures, these businesses are better equipped to contribute to and benefit from the economic opportunities within our region amidst an ongoing military buildup.”

For more information about upcoming training sessions and resources, contact the CNMI SBDC Network at (670) 237-6888 or visit our website at www.cnmisbdc.com. (PR)


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