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Round-up of the holiday hacking scene releases you might have missed (Playstation, Nintendo) | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Christmas has been a busy period in terms of releases for the console hacking scene. While we did write a few articles on some of these releases this week, a lot more releases happened over the past few days, and we couldn’t talk about everything fast enough. Here’s a short summary of what we saw for the scene:



  • PS4 CFW Toolkit released by Al-Azif, decryption/encryption tool, paves the way for future full-fledged PS4 Custom Firmwares

  • Reaper Studio and MultiTrainer II (tools to create PS4 patches and cheats) have been updated to 1.0.2 and 1.1.7 respectively. These releases bring compatibility with the latest GoldHEN, and bug fixes.

  • the fpPS4 PS4 emulator is making crazy progress, almost on a daily basis. We reported on its status a few days ago here, but more games are already reported working. You can download the latest builds here. (click on the most recent action, then scroll down to artifacts for the download link. Must be logged in to github to see the link). Temmie’s launcher, a GUI for the emulator, can be found here.

PS Vita

  • NetStream lets you watch Youtube on your PS Vita (official Youtube support was dropped years ago on the device by Sony). It was released by GrapheneCT.



  • Howling Wolf & Chelsea over at PSX-Place released a showcase of XtremeEliteBoot+, a work-in-progress homebrew that serves as a launcher, an OSDSYS replacement and a fully fledged environment forPS2. XtremeEliteBoot+ lets you create your own plugins in lua to control its behavior, and mod it from the ground up. It is so powerful one can code a game inside its themes:


Nintendo Switch

  • ENLBufferPwn was disclosed, a critical vulnerability impacting 3DS, Wii U, and Switch in Nintendo First party games

I’m sure we missed a lot of other cool releases over the past few days. Let us know which ones in the comments!


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