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RTE viewers were left saying the same thing about the brand new “shocking” RTE documentary Fools for Love?

Tonight was the debut of the documentary that followed the hostile environment many women encounter on dating apps.

Fools For Love? aired tonight


Aoife spoke with women about their experience

Presented by Aoife Moore, it delved deep into the murky corners of the online dating world, revealing the often-shocking experiences of women embarking on a quest for love online.

Aoife examined how online dating has become a staple of modern romance, offering the promise of connections and companionship, and uncovered the dark underbelly of this digital realm, where women find themselves subjected to a range of distressing experiences, from unsolicited explicit imagery to romance scams and revenge porn.

Among other stories, Aoife spoke to one woman whose experience of online dating led to her discovering that the man she’d been seeing for a year was in multiple other relationships with women he’d also met on Tinder.

Having been outspoken about her own experiences with online abuse in the past, Aoife’s personal connection to the stories she encountered added a poignant layer to the documentary’s narrative.

She gained a deeper understanding of how the online space can influence our behaviour and leave us vulnerable.

This documentary shone a light on the challenges women face in the world of online dating and called for a safer, more respectful digital dating experience.

RTE viewers flocked to X to share their shock about the documentary.

One viewer commented saying: “Anyone else watching #foolsforlove the amount of poor people scammed, it’s shocking!”


David wrote: “Preying on people’s hope & optimism on dating apps is vile.

“Good to see catfishing legislation being progressed! #foolsforlove @lichamber.”

Another viewer also said: “Next time anyone asks me why I’m still single, or makes reference to ‘plenty of men above in Dublin sure’ I’m going to sit and make them watch this from start to finish.”

Sharing a clip of the show before it aired, the host Aoife said she was thrilled to take on the challenge.

She captioned the post saying: “Couldn’t be prouder of this. Fools For Love investigates the dark side of dating apps, from scams to sexual assault. RTE One, October 4 at 9:35pm.”

Fans of Aoife offered their support as they were thrilled for her.

One follower said: “This looks brilliant. Look forward to watching!.”

Nicola wrote: “I’m so looking forward to seeing how this all came together!”

While Lynn added: “Long awaited, can’t wait to see it all put together.”

Viewers praised the show


Viewers praised the show


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