Who could run the better System than a expert hacker ?

The national payment system of Russia is going to be handled by the hacker, who was involved in the pharmaceutical scam.

Pavel Vrublevsky was accused of the hacking charges, which were totally unaccepted by him.

The hacker was released from his two and a half years prison when he helped in introducing the national payment system of Russia. The hacker made this entire deal with the Russian government according to which he would be released after helping the government agencies to tackle with the hackers.

The charged documents of the Pavel told that he got affiliation with Russia’s agencies to deal with the anti-virus, which was infected.

The Russia’s Ministry of Communication hired anti-spam commission in 2008. The ministry then attacked on the hacking group Spamit. which was ran by his partner Gusev.

The payment of $US20, 000 was given to the Pavel by Chronopay to attack on the competitor company Assist. This attack was ordered so that this company would be hacked by the Festi botnet hacking.

Who could run the better System than a expert hacker
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