Russia vs USA War: Putin Bans Microsoft In Government Offices; Scared Of US Hackers?

The Russia vs USA war is getting more complicated every day. According to the most recent update, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned all US products in government offices. And, the first company targeted is Microsoft.

Putin’s plan is to use no US products in government offices. He does not want even the state-controlled companies to use any US software. Russian offices are in the process of replacing US products with Russian counterparts. A US intelligence official has revealed that Moscow offices are replacing Microsoft products.

The Russia vs USA war is not limited to products only. Russia has also blocked US websites like LinkedIn. Microsoft has plans to buy the networking site. So, Putin may be targeting Microsoft in particular.

According to the senior intelligence official, Putin is targeting Bill Gates’ company because it is the biggest American name in information technology. The official believes Putin may find it easy to convince his people that the US company works for the US intelligence.

Putin’s decision to ban Microsoft may have a lot to do with hacking. Earlier, Washington formally blamed Russia for trying to influence the US presidential elections. Many believe Russia is behind the cyber-attack the USA suffered earlier.

US hackers may retaliate and try to hack Russian computers. According to Brookings Institution’s Fiona Hill, Russia is tightening up cyber security even more now.

“It is a signal that the Russians really mean business now about nationalizing the internet and making sure they can create their own secure content,” the senior fellow said.

Microsoft has clarified its stand regarding the issue. Dominic Carr has said spying is never on the company’s agenda. The general manager for public affairs has said the company does not work for any government to spy on people. “We never would,” he emphasized.


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