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Russian hackers are using ChatGPT to write malicious pieces of code | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

However, hackers in Russia have gone a bit too far with theirs and used the chatbot to write malicious code. That ChatGPT could help write software code, perhaps better than an entry-level programmer, was well known. That hackers could use it to write malicious pieces of code was probably even anticipated but that they would achieve it so soon was something that wasn’t expected.

Russian hackers tapping into ChatGPT

ChatGPT amassed more than a million users just within a week of launch. However, not known to many is that the service remains geofenced, which means that people in certain parts of the world cannot access it at all.

This was done to ensure that the service is not used for nefarious purposes. However, according to a report from the cyber-security company, Check Point Research (CPR), Russian cybercriminals have been attempting to bypass restrictions by Open AI to avoid such use of the technology.

Underground hacking forums are rife with discussions on how to circumvent the restrictions on IP addresses, payment cards, and phone numbers; all needed to gain access to ChatGPT from Russia. The report said that hackers in the region were looking to use the chatbot service in their day-to-day operations since it can make the entire exercise more cost-efficient.


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