Russian Hackers Claim To Have Cracked Infamous Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM

For a few years now Denuvo anti-tamper has been a serious thorn in any pirate’s side. The infamous DRM software has proven almost impossible to crack and was swiftly adopted by the likes of EA and Square Enix to ensure the protection of their games. Its time may be up though, with Russian hackers claiming they have found a way to reliably breach its hefty defences for the first time.

It was only six months ago that infamous Chinese cracking group 3DM claimed there would be no more pirated games in as little as two years, as well as effectively throwing the towel in by stopping cracking single-player games for at least a year.

As it turns out it wasn’t as impossible as 3DM had once thought, with the Russian hackers succeeding in cracking the Denuvo protected Rise of the Tomb Raider. They’ve even posted a video of how it was done, showing Rise of the Tomb Raider in action on a debug machine. The frame rate is extremely low at the moment however, suggesting the process of bypassing Denuvo may in fact be far more demanding than just running the game.

The difficulty hackers have had in cracking Denuvo DRM stems from it being an additional anti-tamper layer on top of the usual DRM. Where things get really tricky is that it scrambles the code in the game’s executable on the fly, communicating with the Denuvo servers to obtain the correct code path based on the users specific hardware. Typical game cracks come from replacing the executable, an almost impossible task for any game wrapped up in Denuvo code. The Russian hackers seem to be taking the first steps though, although you can bet your bottom dollar Denuvo DRM won’t be far behind with a new revision of its infamous software.

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What will Denuvo have up its sleeve next? Can the fight against pirates ever be won, or is there always a way? Let us know what you think!


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