Russian hackers plan new attacks on Western military and civil infrastructure

A spokesman for the Russian Federal Security Service that Russian hacker groups Energetic Bear, Dragonfly and some others are considering engaging their activities against selected Western countries. The current financial crisis in Russia, seen locally as having been caused by Western sanctions, has resulted in massive job cuts in the Russian IT industry, which in turn has resulted in an increase in the number of hacker groups in Russia.

In addition, there is reported to have been a significant growth in demand for hacker services in recent years from some entities affilated with the Russian government.

Oleg Demidov, a senior consultant of PIR Center, an independent non-governmental organisation, which carries out research activities in the field of cyber-security, told SC that in recent year Russian hackers have started to pose a serious threat to critical elements of the military and civil infrastructure of Western countries, while their schemes of attack differ from those used by hacker groups from China and other countries.


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