Russian hackers are targeting hospitals and power grids in Denmark and have moved missiles that can now strike Copenhagen, warns country’s defence minister

Denmark is under a serious and frightening threat from Russian hackers and missiles, according to the country’s defence minister.
Claus Hjort Frederiksen has warned Danish hospitals and power grids are under threat from hackers and that weapons of mass destruction are being installed in Kalingrad which could reach Copenhagen.
He believes the two-pronged attack to be a major risk, and has called for action to be taken as Vladimir Putin’s aggression appears to continue to be ramp up.

‘We need to make it clear in Denmark that we are all under one type of threat or another. And we need to act,’ he said in an interview with Berlingske newspaper.
Reacting to the national risk assessment report issued by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service last month, he said the threat was both serious and frightening, according to The Local, but he raised further fears by referencing intelligence he has obtained from top military officials.
He has also held talks with the outgoing US secretary of defence Ashton Carter about what he calls a threat that poses physical and virtual dangers.
‘We can confirm that the Russians are right now installing new missiles in Kalingrad that can reach Copenhagen.
‘That is of course a major risk,’ he said.
The missiles have a rance of about 440 miles, which places Berlin within its reach.

Mr Frederiksen believes Russian hackers are likely to target Denmark in a cyber attack from multiple sources.
It is feared the coordinated effort could disrupt political elections and wreak havoc with the Danish health service and national grid.
He said the attacks would go further than to ‘spread and angst and insecurity among the population’.
‘State-supported Russian hacker groups are ready to attack hospitals, infrastructure and the electrical supply by breaking into computer systems and creating a mess of notices and treatments within the health system,’ he said.
The defence minister has called for a reaction and wants to see the military upgraded.


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