SABU: Anonymous Hacker Set Free After Becoming ‘Super-Rat’ for the FBI!

You know what happens to snitches.. He was a super-rat for the feds — helping them thwart more than 300 cyberattacks on the military, NASA, Congress, federal…,,,

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24 thoughts on “SABU: Anonymous Hacker Set Free After Becoming ‘Super-Rat’ for the FBI!

  1. emya098

    Wow, wonder how long he’ll last out there in the real world? Will be
    interesting to see how things turn out for him. Snitching in the hood could
    be hazardous to your health. Of course Rev. Al is still hanging out :)

  2. Jason Gregg

    its been known lulzsec was full of informants. there was more than just

    DISCLAIMER: im not a hacker, i just know their world. ;)

  3. Mitjitsu

    26 years for hacking? That’s some fucked up system you have in America.

  4. ChoppedLiver44060

    There’s no honor among thieves..

    or any other self-serving criminals when they get caught!


    Snitches get stitches !

  6. marty lamb

    They will all be free soon enough… the revolution is coming… it cannot
    be stopped…. there are traitors in every cause…. they always get their
    due….. as do the faithful and persistent. Numquam Cedere.

  7. StarFire Alternity

    I wander if ALMIGHTY GOD will be rewarding him for his efforts … I dunno
    because I don’t sit on THAT JURY , but he will find out the Truth of It all
    by himself , then perhaps he will understand he may not be as smart as he
    ‘thinks ‘ he is

  8. notleftbehind

    If the news said than its probably the opposite.

  9. RogueSpirit1966

    He was spit out. Like a lukewarm soul.


    Snitches get stitches !

  11. PsychopathicSavior

    maybe he never ratted maybe its a fabercated story bc they had nothing on

  12. frank grimes

    Agree with you 100% Dahboo! Anonymous is total BS never did anything.
    Thought they were supposed to shut down facebook, and all kinds of other
    websites? Just another CIA op to flush out the awakened…This rat will get
    his dues, in this world or the next, karma’s a bitch

  13. TheDigitalfolklore

    so if the spooks hassle your family…what would you be doing?

  14. SuperAceuno1

    The feds can get anyone they want at their entry point to the web unless
    they never use a computer or a internet connection that leads back to them
    & their location, Plus security cameras can still capture their images
    walking or driving down the street, Probably 99.9 of those arrested by the
    feds tell everything they know even when its family members

  15. Princess Taito

    The feds are gunna protect this bitch for further use. Hes a
    super-duper-cooper-infamous-rat for them now!!! Thats y hes not doin any
    time? Cause hes more useful to them out here than being dead in there!!!
    This rat will be the feds best weapon ever!! If he can do the things they
    are saying he can do then no one will be able to touch this guy? Not even
    the cartels in the world!!!! But i guarantee one thing?! He’ll be “living
    like a real rat” for the rest of his life, which he will feel less of a
    man.!! They all do when they become rats!!!