Safety and Wellbeing of the Harvard Community | #schoolsaftey

Dear Harvard Community Members,
Events in Israel and Gaza continue to provoke anxiety, concern, and uncertainty throughout our community. Those feelings have been amplified over the last several days by hateful and reckless rhetoric, inside and outside of Harvard, that has increased tensions and sown fear, especially among our students.
I write tonight to assure you that the University takes seriously the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community. We do not condone or ignore intimidation. We do not condone or ignore threats or acts of harassment or violence.
Officials within our Schools have been in contact with students to ensure they are aware of resources available to them if they are concerned about their physical safety or experience an immediate threat. Students should contact their School’s Office of Student Affairs and Student Services to connect with additional support, including for assistance in an emergency. The 24/7 CAMHS Cares Line (617-495-2042) and TimelyCare offer mental health support.
Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) has stepped up its security presence on campus and continues to monitor online activity for the potential of any specific threat to the campus community or individuals on campus. HUPD is also coordinating closely with local, state, and federal authorities. As a reminder:
If you feel your physical safety is threatened at any time, contact HUPD immediately at 617-495-1212.
If you receive email(s) that contains a physical threat to your life, safety​​, or property, contact HUPD immediately at 617-495-1212.
If you need guidance on cyber harassment and other electronic threats, see this resource from Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT).
As we continue to feel the repercussions of the events taking place in Israel and Gaza across our community, I encourage all of us to treat each other with care, compassion, and mutual respect.
Meredith Weenick
Executive Vice President 

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