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Safety concerns ignite as parents rally for safer school walks in Clarksville | #schoolsaftey

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A growing number of concerned parents in Clarksville have embarked on a mission to ensure the safety of their children’s journey to school.

In a community where many students are required to trek over a mile to reach their school, parents are increasingly alarmed by the risks their children encounter.

The main street of concern is Moncrest Drive, a road where parents say children have to share the road with speeding vehicles.

For Kelly Atlatis and her five-year-old daughter, the journey to Ringgold Elementary School has transformed into a hazardous ordeal.

Despite living just a little over half a mile away from the school, Atlatis’s twice-daily walks have become filled with danger.

“Sometimes I stop and watch the kids because I think, who else? There’s no one else out here. You know there’s no police, there’s no school crossing guard. It’s just kids fending for themselves, basically,” Atlatis said.

She said one glaring concern is the absence of any safety infrastructure for the young pedestrians.

Moncrest Drive lacks essential features such as crosswalks and crossing guards, leaving children vulnerable to the unrelenting traffic.

“There’s no signs indicating children are crossing. There’s no crosswalk. There’s no crossing guard,” Atlatis said.

The situation stands in stark contrast to Ringgold Road, where functional school zone flashers and a crossing guard ensure a safer passage for children.

Parents say that Moncrest Drive frequently becomes congested with vehicles attempting to avoid the school’s designated pickup and drop-off lanes, leading to a stream of cars on the street. Some drivers use the road as a shorcut, speeding through the 20 miles per hour street.

“My theory is that a child could get hit at some point, or even a parent walking their child to the streets. Because there are times that I get nervous with my kids in the stroller and I’m with them, but I think it’s hard to see you. People are driving too fast. And it just takes—it’s a split second. You’re distracted; you don’t see them, and that’s all it takes,” Atlatis said.

Frustrated by the lack of immediate action, parents are united in their demands for proactive measures to keep their children safe.

“We would love to see a crosswalk painted in front of this pathway,” Atlatis stressed. “A sign on each side that says children crossing, and ideally a speed bump or two so people are forced to slow down when the children are getting out of school and coming across.”

A City of Clarksville spokesperson responded to these concerns:

“We are evaluating the situation with our Street Department and Police Department. I’ll also bring it to the attention of the School System leadership at our next standing meeting. Our Police Department has stepped up patrols in that neighborhood.”

Parents say they will continue advocating for change, and the hope is that these concerns will create safe solutions to ensure that children can walk to school without fear.

Until then, parents continue to implore drivers to slow down.

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