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JOPLIN, Mo. — Nearly one million children across the world die of an injury every year, and a program through the Alliance of Southwest Missouri emphasizes most of those tragedies are preventable.

That includes roadway injuries, which is a big focus for the organization.

“It could have been a really, really devastating accident,” said Bailey Stehm, Alliance of SW MO Director of Development.

Bailey Stehm says it one the scariest moments of her life.

“I’m actually a beneficiary of our car seat program. About two years ago, my family and I had a really horrible car accident,” said Stehm.

She’s a mom of three young children and has been the Alliance of Southwest Missouri’s Director of Development for 6 years.

“My kiddos were totally safe. They were in car seats that had been checked by our team here at the Alliance about a month before the car accident. Our vehicle was totaled, but our kiddos were totally fine,” said Stehm.

“Roadway injuries are the leading cause of preventable death among children. By using vehicle safety and car seat safety, statistics show that you can prevent up to 71 percent of injuries on the roads,” said Charlene Pryor, Early Childhood Coordinator.

That’s why the Alliance offers free car seat checks at any time — to anyone in the community.

“The requirements of car seats and the make, model changes every year. There’s a lot of manufacturers out there and there’s a lot of requirements, different ages, types, shapes,” said Pryor.

The car seat initiative is part of a larger program called the “Safe Kids Worldwide” program offered through the Alliance and focuses on safety at home, at play, and in the car.

“We share all the knowledge, all the tips that we have. And, we empower people to make great decisions in the future. If you’re asking about an infant, we’re going to also tell you about what to do with your 10-year-old,” said Pryor.

The program even offers free car seats and booster seats for parents, if the Alliance has them on-hand.

“I love knowing the Alliance of Southwest Missouri cares enough about the safety of our children in our community,” said Pryor.

“It’s just important to make the choice to have safe car seats. It’s a pretty easy thing to do to have your car seats checked and it gives you a lot of peace of mind,” said Stehm.

Funding that program is a highlight for next week’s Giving Tuesday.

Alliance staff say they’re not terribly expensive, but they also don’t want the cost to dissuade anyone from using this important safety device.

To make donations, visit the Alliance of SWMO’s website, here.


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