Safety in our schools: Newsday Investigations | #schoolsaftey

In 2023, Newsday’s investigative team focused on keeping children safe in Long Island’s schools, taking an extended look at school security. Reporters, lead by Jim Baumbach and Joie Tyrrell, found school districts often kept teachers on the payroll long after allegations of misconduct, often sexual in nature, were reported to school officials. Reporters also found how the discipline teachers faced after being accused of offenses like sexual abuse or harassment of students, was lacking, often conflicting with union-negotiated rules for teacher discipline. Newsday also found a case in the Great Neck School District where armed intruders entered the high school, spent the day mixing with students and going unnoticed by security and school administrators. The school’s investigation that followed blamed a Great Neck student for not stopping the intruders, a decision overturned by the state Department of Education after a review of the facts.

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