Sales and customer service teams ‘most vulnerable to cyber attacks’

A report from McAfee found that the UK is one of the countries most vulnerable to risk across Europe, since one in ten UK organisations do not provide the necessary online protection training for their staff.

With 82 million new suspect URLs found in 2014, staff who frequently engage with the public on a are more prone to attack.

The threat is more significant since 52 per cent of UK organisations fail to train their customer service teams and 60 per cent do not train their receptionists.

The number of potentially harmful URLs has increased by 87 per cent between 2013 and 2014, therefore the risk of staff without IT security training clicking on these links and leaving the company open to a cyber attack is high.

The McAfee report, Dissecting the Top Five Network Attack Methods: A Thief’s Perspectivefound that there were 54.6 million network attacks in Q1 2015.

The urgency for a high standard of online protection is lacking, the report finds, since 30 per cent of organisations assess their security strategy once a year.

75 per cent of UK IT professionals believe their organisations’ security strategies always consider the latest threats.

42 per cent of cyber attacks came under network and resource abuse. Attackers infiltrate standard traffic, making their presence very difficult to pinpoint.

In 2014, 109 million distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks were identified.

The report finds that IT professionals underestimate the threat of DDoS attacks. Only 19 per cent think they pose the largest threat to their system. DDoS often ends in a ransom demand, and only 17 per cent believe ransomware poses any threat to their company.

36 per cent of attacks were browser-based. Hackers use phishing emails and drive-by browser downloads to capitalise on the lack of security training in employees.

McAfee suggests that URL filtering and simulated browser technology such as emulation can safeguard your employees from accidentally divulging data.

Across its global findings, McAfee found that 22 per cent of chief technology officers and security managers said their systems were breached by a cyber attack in the last year. Globally, almost four companies a day lose their intellectual property.

Despite these figures, 63 per cent struggle to convince their leaders of the vulnerabilities in their security system.

Source: Business Reporter 

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