Saline is Enhancing School Bus Safety | #schoolsaftey

By Carleen Nelson-Nesvig, STN Writer

In a recent meeting held on May 18th, the Saline School Board made a crucial recommendation to award Unity School Bus Parts Incorporation the bid for purchasing and installing REI Complete Camera Systems. These state-of-the-art camera systems will replace outdated technology on the 15 buses that are utilized daily by the school district.

Aside from addressing red light violations, the newly installed camera systems will assist drivers in dealing with other distractions on the road, such as passenger behaviors or distracted driving incidents. This comprehensive approach aims to improve overall safety for both staff and students.

Michigan House Bills 4202 and 4204, now permit school buses to be equipped with stop arm cameras. Furthermore, these bills also grant law enforcement authorities the ability to utilize video evidence to enforce school bus passing laws. This step towards enhanced safety measures aims to address the growing concern of red-light running incidents in the state of Michigan.

The cost for implementing these camera systems in 2023 is estimated at $67,675.80, which will be covered by the Per-Pupal Safety & Security Grant from the State of Michigan. The cameras will play a vital role in prosecuting red light runners, reviewing staff and student behaviors, and tracking statistics related to distracted driving incidents.

With the installation of these REI Complete Camera Systems, the Saline School District takes a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and well-being of its students and staff, while contributing to the ongoing efforts to mitigate the prevalence of red-light running incidents in Saline.

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