Sally Kohn Claims Russian Hackers Leaked DNC Docs to Aid Trump

With what seemed like the plot of the next James Bond film, or perhaps Austin Powers, CNN Political Commentator Sally Kohn accused Russian hackers of trying to sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign by leaking DNC documents. “One of the more unexplored parts of this story is that these leaks were done by Russian hackers,” Kohn noted on New Day Sunday, “And the fact that these leaks, if anything, help— seem intended maybe to help Donald Trump. So, I think first of all, we should point that out.”

Kohn relied on an argument made by Clinton’s pick for vice president, “And looking at the connections between Trump and Russia and Putin, you know, as Tim Kaine pointing out, Putin being the only person Donald Trump hasn’t criticized.”

In addition to the documents showing possible collusion between the DNC and the media, they also show a bias in the DNC against Senator Bernie Sanders. “And one of the lines here is “What does her loss mean last night other than he raised 4 million and is more obnoxious,”” read New Day Host Victor Blackwell, “It appears that the DNC was treating him as an annoyance on the way to, what many Sanders supporters called, a coronation of Hillary Clinton.”

And therein lies the concern for the Democratic Party’s fragile party unity heading into their convention. Kohn, who supported Sanders in the primaries, tried to play down that concern by writing off a portion of disgruntled Sanders supporters. “But there is percent of Bernie supporters, in particular, who are wary about this. And look, they were already upset,” she said. She also tried to downplay the E-Mails by saying one would find similar messages in an RNC official’s inbox.

At the end of the segment she doubled down on her claims the Russians were helping Trump and declared the Democratic Party was unifying. “So this timing of this is incredibly unfortunate. It’s also incredibly strategic for whomever helped to leak those documents because the party actually is coming together,” she stated.


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