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Samsung Allegedly Hacked by Nvidia Attackers | #computerhacking | #hacking | #hacking | #aihp

According to some latest reports from Bleeping Computer, Lapsus$ has successfully hacked the Korean tech giant Samsung. Lapsus$ has released almost 190GB of confidential data, including source code for proprietary applications and data repositories related to various Samsung projects. The same hackers have hacked Nvidia last week.

Samsung Allegedly Hacked by Nvidia Aattckers

Currently, it is unclear what the timeline of the Samsung breach is, and what sort of contact the hackers have had with the company. There have been no public demands like Lapsus$’ call for open-source drivers.

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Lapsus$ split the leaked data into three compressed files and made them available in a torrent. Included in the torrent is also a brief description of the content available in each of the three archives:

  • First part contains a dump of source code and related data about Security/Defense/Knox/Bootloader/TrustedApps and various other items
  • Part 2 contains a dump of source code and related data about device security and encryption
  • Part 3 contains various repositories from Samsung Github: mobile defence engineering, Samsung account backend, Samsung pass backend/frontend, and SES (Bixby, Smartthings, store)

However, Samsung has not revealed any information regarding this yet.

We now have to wait to get more official information from Samsung about this hack. Such types of hacks have put security at risk and encouraged an extra level of cybersecurity caution from all of us.

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