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San Jose police still look for suspects in double stabbing at James Lick – NBC Bay Area | #schoolsaftey

Police are still looking for the people responsible for stabbing two students at James Lick High School in San Jose.

The double stabbing on Thursday was the second time in this school year that police were called to the school.

The first time was on Aug. 7 when a campus monitor was taken to the hospital after getting hurt while trying to break up a fight.

Video of that fight was posted on social media and it appears to show a group beating up a student. 

Police say a staff member was also assaulted and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Teachers at James Lick High School shared a clip showing these are not isolated incidents. The clip was posted to an Instagram page devoted to showcasing fights at the school. 

The teachers also claim that in both cases, the aggressors were adults and teens who are not associated with the school. 

Now, the teachers union is asking for safety improvements. 

“This is a very very serious incident in my mind. Something that’s super high alert and something needs to be done immediately,” said Jack Hamner, president of the East Side Teachers Association.

On Friday, several students said they felt anxious being back on campus after Thursday’s stabbings which were also caught on camera.  

One employee said that afterwards, teachers and staff pleaded with district officials for nearly two hours to immediately improve safety at the campus.  

Some asked the district to restore funding for school resource officers and others asked for perimeter fencing. 

“It’s just a matter of trying to find out what ideas work best for every campus. Some of them it’s too many access points, some of it is not enough programs on our campuses, not enough programs to support our students,” said Hamner.

“We will be assessing and looking at our safety needs to make sure incidents like that do not happen again. Our hearts are with the family and our hearts are with the James Lick community,” said Superintendent Glenn Vander Zee.

The teachers union will be surveying its members at all of the high schools in the next week on what safety upgrades they’d like to see. 

“We all want our campuses to be safe, we want our students and our teachers to be safe, and we’re ready to do whatever it takes because we can’t have things like that happen,” said Hamner.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the district to find out if there are any proposed safety upgrades it’s looking into. They released the following statement on Friday:

“Every year, each school develops and practices a comprehensive safety plan. As part of our efforts, we outline how we collaborate with SJPD to address safety needs in and around our schools. This allows our district and staff to focus on meeting the educational needs of our students. We constantly assess our safety needs and adjust our student supports, facilities, staffing, and practices accordingly. The safety of our students and staff is the District’s highest priority. This is why prior to this school year we added:

• an additional Campus Monitor at each school site.

• an additional administrator at each school site that focuses on student support.

• 9th grade transition classrooms to support students entering our high school environment.

When an incident like this occurs at any school we know that it causes great concern among students, staff, and community members. We are grateful to our community partners and staff who were on site to support the James Lick community.

We are proud to have a continuing collaborative relationship with the San Jose Police Department. We thank them for their speed in responding to the incident at James Lick and their ongoing investigation.”

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