Saudi Government is Spying Freedom Activists Now!

The Saudi Arabia government has been accused by the human rights watch to spy the mobile phones of the rebels with the help of malware.
This hacking and scrutiny of the mobile phones came into view when the human rights watch discovered that the Kingdom is using the Italian made software by the Hacking Team. The Shitte-led protests are increasing in the Eastern province Qatif                 after which the government started that surveillance program.
The Human Rights Watch has said that the government is now using these tactics to threaten the freedom of those activists, who are raising voices against the unfair means against human rights. The HRW’s internet researcher told that the government is checking their activities on mobile phones on frequent basis.
This malicious software lets the government to check the call history, messages, files, emails, and contacts via social media.

This malware is that powerful that the one in charge can easily take the pictures and can record the conversations through microphone without any knowledge of the owner.

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