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The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered businesses, emptied offices across the country, and caused joblessness claims to hit levels unseen since The Great Depression. The 2 trillion dollar stimulus package known as the CARES act, passed by the federal government back in March distributed a first round of stimulus checks. There remain ongoing negotiations on Capitol Hill around a second round of checks. But enhanced federal unemployment benefits lapsed at the end of July, creating additional finanical hardship for many Americans. With the loss of income for so many, comes a great deal of fear among those who are economically vulnerable. That fear and uncertainty is territory for scam artists to move in, as they attempt to capitalize on the crisis. More than ever, it’s important to safe guard yourself and your family against these scammers.Today we’ll talk with Sheryl Harris, the Director of Cuyahoga County’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Later this hour, while the political focus for Ohio for the last few weeks has been on the scandal surrounding Larry Householder and House Bill 6, Governor Mike DeWine continues to hold news conferences addressing the coronavirus pandemic.Cases around the state have seemingly plateaued around 1,200 new cases per day, with 1,143 new cases reported yesterday. There have been more than 95,000 total cases reported in Ohio, and 3,500 deaths due to COVID-19 across the state. Governor DeWine’s press conference opened on a much different tone though, as yesterday was the first anniversary of the mass shooting in Dayton that killed 9 and wounded 27 others. In the wake of the shooting, Governor DeWine promised movement on gun reform, but faced resistance from the legislature. Yesterday, he once again called for action, saying the electronic system of issuing and sharing warrants that he wants implemented can only work – if he gets approval from the states elected representatives. We also heard about school reopenings, and the possible start of school sporting programs. We talk to Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau Chief, Karen Kasler, for the latest in Columbus.


Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs


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