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If you are expecting a package from the Post Office, be weary of scammers sending SMSes about your parcel.

Relebogile Mabotja speaks with Wendy Knowler, a consumer journalist.

  • Scammers are sending SMSes claiming to be from the Post Office and requesting online payments

  • Knowler says that any payments you do need to make should be made at the counter, not online.

FILE: Post Office. Picture: Sethembiso Zulu/Eyewitness News

Knowler says she has seen two recent cases of consumers waiting for a parcel to arrive and getting caught out by scammers posing as the Post Office.

These scammers will send an email or an SMS saying that their package is waiting for them and they must go online to pay a fee.

She says that the real Post Office will give you a slip or phone you and, while sometimes you will need to pay a fee, it must be paid at the counter at the Post Office.

Yes, they can make you pay, but they do not ask you to go online to do it.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

In one of the cases, a consumer thought he had received a message from the Post Office and got scammed out of almost R30 000.

He was waiting for his package and had been tracking its arrival when he received an SMS saying he needed to pay an amount for delivery with a link attached.

He followed the link which requested a one-time pin (OTP) and shortly afterward he received a notification that R24 387.74 had been debited, followed by two more transactions totalling R2322.55.

As he had revealed his OTP, he was liable.

Scroll up to listen to the interview for more (skip to 12:00).

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