Scarsdale Man Loses Thousands Of Dollars After Identity Theft, Police Say

Police are investigating an incident that saw a local resident’s identity stolen for thousands of dollars in Scarsdale.

Over the weekend, a Marjory Lane resident reported to police that his identifying information was used to make several unauthorized bank transfers over the past two weeks.

According to police, last week, the man received “an unusual” email from the company Coinbase, stating that an account had been opened in his name, using his bank account. The man told police he did not open the account and advised both the company and his bank of the email so the account could be closed.

Police said that when the man subsequently checked his online accounts with Chase Bank, there were eight unauthorized withdrawals from his savings account, totaling thousands of dollars, made between April 27 and May 10 this year. There were also a series of unauthorized small credits made during that time period.

The man proceeded to alert his bank of the unauthorized transfers and his savings account was subsequently closed on Friday. A new account was opened, and Chase has “advised him that he will be reimbursed to his account in the near future.”

An investigation into the identity theft is ongoing. The man told police that he did not have knowledge of who or how his information was obtained. He also stated that he did not ask or authorize anyone to make the bank transfers or transactions.


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