‘Scattered Spider’ group in focus | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Cybersecurity experts fear ransomware attacks could be on the rise, in part because of a group called “Scattered Spider.”

“They’re a loose affiliation. They don’t have the central core but they do have a central mission and that is engaging in these hacking exercises,” said Scott White, the Director of the Cybersecurity program at George Washington University.

White says “Scattered Spider” is not a new group of criminals. They’ve actually been around of quite some time.

They went by Star Fraud. They went by Scatter Swine. UNC3944,” said White.

Different aliases, but the same group; So who are they? White says they are a team of hackers, each with different specialties, who merge their skills together.

“They come together because they have skillsets and begin to identify with that particular group and find ways through the dark web to begin to communicate with this group and then share collectively these operations,” said White.

One of the group’s key features is something called social engineering.

“They generally target people to get what we call PII. Personally identifiable information,” White said.

That could be everything from their names all the way up to potential identification codes making it easier to access company information. Now aside from “Scattered Spider”, White says another reason why we could see more attacks is because ransomware is one of the top capital accumulators for cyber criminals.

People get invested in this because it’s lucrative,” White said.

Plus, there’s more access to ransomware than we’ve seen in the past.

You can actually go into the dark web and purchase ransom ware,” said White.

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