School #board #websites restored after #hack displaying #ISIS #messaging

Websites for the Iberia and St. Martin Parish School Boards were hacked on Monday morning to display pro-ISIS messaging.

School officials say the web hosting system that the school boards use to host their sites were hacked, not the sites themselves. Iberia Parish Superintendent Dale Henderson says there was no breach of personal information.

Whoever infiltrated the system identified themselves “Team System DZ.”

Both the Iberia Parish and St. Martin Parish School Board websites featured an ISIS flag and a picture of Saddam Hussein followed by a pro-Islamic state YouTube video.

The sites immediately went offline this morning as web developers worked to restore the host website.

St. Martin Superintendent Lottie Beebe says the hack only affected the school board website and that all other systems of the St. Martin Parish School Board were functioning normally.

Both  sites are currently online.

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