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As a long time resident of Mankato, graduate of Mankato Area Public Schools, mom of three students in MAPS, and a teacher with MAPS, I support voting yes on Nov. 7 for the bond referendum.

It is time to invest in our schools and to have future focused facilities that provide safe and secure entrances throughout each building in our district. As an educator, this gives me a sense of security for my students throughout my work day.

As a mom, I know that my children will be in buildings that are secure during their school day. We live in a time where security is of utmost importance for our children. With the passing of this bond referendum, every school will have a secure entrance. This should not be a point of contention as prioritizing safety is a non-negotiable.

In conjunction with safety and security, our buildings will be updated with newer classrooms, flexible learning spaces, special education classrooms, and more. All students need the opportunity to have modern spaces that are accessible, engaging and future focused.

As an educator, I am excited for the opportunity to teach in flexible and accessible environments. I also look forward to my children accessing spaces that they can take pride in and enjoy their academic, artistic and athletic pursuits.

My education at Mankato Area Public Schools was top notch. I remember the names of every teacher I had and the relationships built. I know that my children are building those same meaningful relationships. Now is the time to invest in our schools, so educators can continue to build relationships and instill the love of learning in our children every day.

Annakeiko Reichel

North Mankato

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