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School Bus safety reminders for back-to-school season | Top Stories | #schoolsaftey

TUSCOLA, Ill. (WAND) – The school year is slowly approaching, and bus drivers are urging drivers to follow traffic laws.

“The little kids, they’re interested in talking to their buddies on the bus or as they’re getting off the bus and they don’t care that you’re waiting behind us, and the drivers don’t either. But just please be patient. We’ve got to do what we got to do to save these kids’ lives,” said Dendi Noble at Gould Transportation in Tuscola.

Gould Transportation is responsible for Tuscola, Arcola, and Oakland. 

Parent Laura Meyer doesn’t have to worry too much about pick-up for her children, but she makes sure they know what to do when exiting a bus.

“We’re lucky we have a long driveway, so they come down the driveway and pick the kids up,” said Meyer. “Obviously, when they get to the school there are cars and there are other pedestrians and things they have to watch when they get off the bus.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration designated one day each year for an annual survey of drivers, April 25th was that day for the state of Illinois.

“There were 6,428 drivers that participated. In that one single day in Illinois 3,251 occasions where a school bus stop arm was passed illegally,” said Noble.

Bus drivers and local school officials want to remind drivers that they must wait until the red lights stop flashing, and the extended arm is withdrawn before they begin driving again.

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