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School bus safety tips | Eyewitness News | #schoolsaftey

STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Now that it’s mid-August, drivers are going to start seeing school buses back on the road.

28/22 News stopped by one school district in Monroe County that’s spreading a message to drivers to be extra cautious or pay the price.

East Stroudsburg area school district bus driver Charlene Bisbing has had the same morning routine for the last thirty years.

She buckles up, turns on the engine, and hits the road.

It’s a job she loves but says it’s become more dangerous due to reckless driving.

“With the number of children that are coming into the district, the amount of cars on the road, distracted driving, people multitasking, they’re driving on their cellphones, they have earbuds in, they’re not paying attention,” Bisbing says.

The district is getting ready for students to head back to school and officials want to remind drivers to slow down when they see amber lights and come to a complete stop when they see the red lights.

The flashing red sign that Bisbing says she sees many drivers blow by thinking back to a time one driver ignored the stop.

“They ran my stop sign, my reds were on. They came from behind me as I’m letting children off, that driver would’ve killed several children had I not closed the door quickly in the children’s faces,” Bisbing added

District police officer Greg Milford says that’s why every bus is equipped with a camera to catch anyone driving passed a stopped bus.

“It’ll catch their face coming one way and it’ll get their license plate going the other way and we make sure that we do cite, whether it’s us, or the local PD, or state police, those drivers do get cited and they do get points on their license when they do that,” Milford said.

He and Bisbing say bus safety is a top priority and can not only save you money on a ticket but can also save a life.

“Pay attention to these big yellow buses. We are not out here to make you late for work, we are out here transporting your children and our future to school, safely,” Bisbing said.

And officials with the East Stroudsburg area school district advise families and drivers to hit the road at least 5 minutes earlier to assist with the rush in traffic when school is back in session.

Sydney Kostus live at 6:30 a.m.

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