School Buses are safer than you think | #schoolsaftey

PRINCETON (WVNS) – Students frequently travel to school throughout the week on the bus, but safety has been a question for some.

Some parents worry taking the bus to school may not be as safe as taking their children themselves.

In reality, school buses are a very safe way of transportation.

New buses are equipped with high-end technology like cameras with audio and visual capabilities alongside seatbelts for those with special needs.

New and experienced bus drivers are educated with the same training so they are ready to drive. 

David Rose, Supervisor of Transportation and Safety for Mercer County Public Schools, said drivers are trained to supervise both students and the road.

“Drivers are trained to be able to watch the mirrors. We run through cycles where their main attention is always on the road. They cycle watching the mirrors to keep, ya know, an eye on traffic on both sides of the bus and front and back of the bus. Plus they have a mirror above their heads so they can keep a check on the students that are on the bus,” said Rose to 59News.

A ‘Travel Tracker System’ is in the works. This system gives parents the opportunity to keep track of what bus their child is riding, arrival times, and stops.

Rose says the highest priority is providing citizens with the best.

“We strive every year to make sure that we have the best transportation department that we can possibly provide,” said Rose.

Parents can be reassured riding the bus is safer than ever. With new technology alongside highly trained drivers, students are in good hands.

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