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An Australian invention that turns ordinary street poles into a child safety monitoring network at school times has been recognised by one of the nation’s leading urban infrastructure peak bodies.

The road safety benefits of the system, which works by inserting a smart camera and solar panel into street poles at school zones, has been praised by parents, educators and local councils.

The system has been pioneered by Sunshine Coast Council in Queensland, Australia, one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country. SenSen modelling indicates the addressable market for this solution exceeds $10M per annum in Australia alone.

The system was developed and built by leading tech company SenSen which adapted its Live Awareness AI cameras and software to align with the concerns heard from community engagement on the Sunshine Coast.

The result is enhanced child safety during school drop-off and pick-up times by alerting drivers to poor behaviour and using video evidence to change their road practices.

For Sunshine Coast Council, the award recognises a commitment to child safety at a time of rapid population growth putting pressure on infrastructure and services. This is precisely where technology can augment human decision making to improve the quality of life of residents and citizens.

World-First School Safety Invention Wins Top Award for SenSen

“Sunshine Coast Council is thrilled to have won the award with SenSen. They have been really exciting to work with on this project. School came to us looking for a solution and partnering with SenSen using innovative technology, we could provide safe schools and completely alleviate parents’ concerns. It’s been a really exciting project and I’d like to thank SenSen for coming on the journey with us.” said Hayley Murphy, Sunshine Coast Council Project Manager.

This award reaffirms SenSen’s status as an industry leader in providing innovative and sustainable parking and safety solutions. Another SenSen innovation – an automated parking enforcement solution developed for the City of Cockburn – was also featured as a finalist.

These accolades follow success at the 2021 Parking Industry Awards winning National Award for Environmental Mapping Technology with the City of Brisbane for On-Street Parking Innovations.

For SenSen, this award marks another achievement, with the School Parking project receiving recognition for its disruptive use of Live Awareness AI. Subhash Challa, CEO and Chairman, SenSen, mentioned,

I could not be prouder of our company earning this honour two times in a row. Recognition from industry peers and insiders is a meaningful endorsement of SenSen’s Live Awareness AI innovation,” said SenSen CEO and founder, Subhash Chala. “Winning the award with Sunshine Coast Council demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions that enhance safety and security for communities.”

The award for SenSen’s School Zone Enforcement solution was made by Parking Australia at its annual industry night. Parking Australia is a widely recognized industry organisation representing a diverse range of stakeholders, including Local Government and Statutory Authorities, Car Park Management Companies, Equipment Suppliers, Consultants, Property Developers and Property Owners.

About SenSen:

SenSen is a pioneer in developing the world’s first Live Awareness AI Platform to make business operations safer and more efficient. The system works by using AI to analyse data from cameras and sensors that are monitoring physical spaces and combine it with contextually relevant digital enterprise data to create a more efficient & safer world. 

SenSen solutions are reducing congestion, improving road and personal safety and enhancing quality of life in leading cities around the world including Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary, Singapore, Adelaide and Brisbane. It is also saving millions of dollars every year for major fuel retail brands including Ampol, Chevron, Liberty and Woolworths

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