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School safety is goal | News | #schoolsaftey

People driving by the former East Montgomery High School will not notice a lot of change for the foreseeable future. Signage and a fence will be added soon, but other than that, former students will still see the place they attended high school in much the same way. It is what people can’t see that is getting people excited.

Looking for a high school that was no longer being used, Founding Director of Samarcand Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Academy Richard Jordan and former North Carolina State Representative Jamie Boles were not having a lot of luck. The two, along with others put out feelers with all of their contacts, hoping to find one somewhere in the state that could be used for school safety training purposes, but came up empty. And then he learned Montgomery County was building a central high school that would leave the two former high schools empty. Not only was the location in the central part of the state, but is also in very close proximity to the recently renovated Samarcand Training Facility, operated by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, for various types of training.

To read the full edition see the June 28th edition of the Montgomery Herald 

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