School safety tool may get more funding | #schoolsaftey

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – The Safe2Say Something Program has been around since 2018. Its goal is to reduce threats in K-12 schools across Pennsylvania by giving kids a platform to submit tips anonymously.

State Senator Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) believes the program is ready to take the next step.

“We’re looking to put another $100,000,000 into school mental health-related services. Hopefully with them building better partnerships with county behavioral health agencies,” said Martin.

Last year alone around half a million kids went through training to understand Safe2Say Something.

Martin says the program has helped many kids battling physical issues, but the mental side still needs work.

“As we try to bolster what’s available at those schools and on this side with Safe2Say you have kids who are engaged in outreach or that they need help is how can we build that connection,” said Martin.

Martin is now calling for the non-partisan Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a survey that would break down what has gone well for the program and what needs to be improved.

“Do we need other legislative fixes? Do we need to have different specific targeted appropriations for certain types of issues,” said Martin.

Being able to put more money into Safe2Say Something is critical according to Martin.

“It’s funds that make this all go round,” said Martin. “You have information gathering on one end but we also have to make sure that kids are having access to services on the back end.”

The program witnessed a 15.6% increase in tips from last school year compared to two years ago.

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