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School Shooting In Bosnia Highlights Gun Violence in Balkans – Causes.com | #schoolsaftey

At this time, Austalia banned assault weapons after the FIRST mass shooting, and now Serbia is taking action to remove all unregistered weapons, but in the United States, the NRA RULES US! If our Federal Government would pass a law requiring a mental health evaluation and greater requirements and training in use, people can easily own a gun or rifle in accordance to the 2nd Amendment. However, the Second Amendment doesn’t include assault weapons that kill many! The united States has now had many deaths due to the use of assault weapons, and still there is no law against their use! I can see Swat or the military using assault weapons, but not the rest of the population. In addition, we need parents to not teach their children to HATE, and to keep their gun or rifle locked up when not in use! When you teach hate for any group of humans, & leave your guns easy to reach that child will use it to kill, because that’s what they have been taught! All humans are decendants of the first humans! Skin color means nothing!  

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