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A juvenile has been arrested in connection with a school shooting threat that officials say was the result of a person’s social media being hacked

On Sunday, March 3, Johnson County Schools Superintendent Thom Cochran released a statement saying there had been a threat of a potential school shooting at Johnson County Middle School.

The statement said that a student’s social media account had been compromised and the individual, who Cochran confirmed was also a juvenile, was in custody. 

“We received information regarding a potential threat of a school shooting at Johnson County Middle School,” Cochran said in the statement. “We immediately took this information seriously and, in collaboration with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, conducted a thorough investigation. The Kentucky State Police Drug Enforcement Special Investigations/FBI Task Force was also involved in the investigation.

“It is important to emphasize that this is a hacking incident on a student’s social media account; however, the individual who hacked the student’s account and made the threat has been identified and is currently in custody,” Cochran said in the statement.

Cochran said the district determined there was no present danger to students at the district on Monday, March 4, but confirmed that the district would collaborate with the JCSO to place additional law enforcement on site at the middle school to give staff, students and parents peace of mind. 

Cochran also thanked law enforcement and the individuals who reported the incident before encouraging members of the community to remain vigilant of any such occurrences. 

“We are incredibly grateful to the individuals who brought this information to our attention,” he said. “It is through such vigilance and cooperation that we can maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all. We also extend our sincere thanks to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, the Kentucky State Police DESI/FBI Task Force, and all county officials involved in their swift response and collaboration.

“Your continued vigilance is fundamental in ensuring the safety of our schools,” Cochran said. “We encourage everyone to remain aware and report any suspicious activity immediately to a trusted adult, school administrator, or law enforcement official.”

The safety and well-being of the district’s students, Cochran said, is a priority.

“We will continue to work diligently with law enforcement and mental health professionals to ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone in our school community,” he said.




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