School systems tackle safety, teacher retention | Local/State Headlines | #schoolsaftey

Local education officials identified several areas of improvement in the Ouachita Parish and Monroe school systems, beginning with school safety, teacher retention and career readiness for high school students.

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kAmp7E6C =62G:?8 qt$t[ t==:D A=2??65 E@ E24<=6 E62496C C64CF:E>6?E 2?5 C6E6?E:@? 😕 ?@CE962DE6C? {@F:D:2?2 3J 5:C64E:?8 {@F:D:2?2 s6=E2 r@>>F?:EJ r@==686’D vC@H *@FC ~H? %62496C 2AAC6?E:46D9:A AC@8C2>] %96 AC@8C2> H2D 56D:8?65 E@ BF:4<6? DEF56?E 65F42E@CD’ E62496C EC2:?:?8 2?5 2==@H 7@C >@C6 7=6I:3:=:EJ 😕 E96 DEF56?E 65F42E@CD’ D4965F=6D 2?5 A6CD@?2= =:G6D]k^Am

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