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Schools across US are adapting safety codes because of gun violence | #schoolsaftey

With the fall school semester having already started or soon to get under way in most of the U.S., school safety is top of mind, with what to do in the case of a school shooting becoming a regular part of planning.

Last year, there were 47 school shootings. That’s just shy of the previous year’s 52 and significantly higher than the two years before that. 

However, those numbers are lower, in part due to students being in virtual learning due to the pandemic. 

The deadliest school shooting from last school year was at a private Christian school in Nashville where the gunman shot through glass to be able to get access inside.

Since the Nashville shooting in March, Tennessee lawmakers approved $230 million for enhanced safety and mental health. 

In Denver, armed officers are returning to public schools in the fall.

And in Florida, dozens of state laws are focused on school safety.

Districts in other states are allowing certain staff members to carry guns on campus or installing collapsible bulletproof rooms, and in some places, resource officers are back to walking school grounds.

Scripps News reporters nationwide have been closely following safety changes like this in recent years. They explain the changes their local community schools are making to address safety concerns this year.

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