Scotland High School implementing new safety procedures for football games | #schoolsaftey

A look inside Scotland High School’s Pate Stadium, where new safety procedures will be implemented in regards to the safety of spectators.
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LAURINBURG — Scotland High School has made several changes regarding the safety of spectators at their football games.

The most significant change is that Scotland High School students must have a new school-issued ID to attend football games without an adult. If a student has a Richmond Community College ID card, that will also be acceptable.

“We are implementing these safety procedures to ensure that everyone that comes to the football games can attend in a safe and orderly environment,” Scotland County Schools Superintendent Adell Baldwin said in a statement. “We value their support, and we want to provide an environment that folks want to come and come back to. Safety is always our top priority, whether it’s in the classroom, in our school buildings and offices, or at after-school events and activities.”

If a Scotland High School student does not have an ID card, they must be accompanied by an adult to be admitted into football games. Scotland High School students will have to be in good standing to attend the games and won’t be allowed into Pate Stadium if they are suspended from school at that current time.

“It’s not Scotland High School, it’s a society thing,” Scotland athletic director Patrick Williams said. “You might have one or two that, for whatever reason, may have figured, all right, I’ll see you at the game, and they may have some disagreement, and one thing led to another with some altercation.”

Another change being enforced is that all elementary- and- middle-school students attending football games must now be accompanied by an adult. That adult has to sign in as they enter the stadium and are responsible for the children they bring to the game. The students will not be able to be dropped off at the gate and have to remain with the adult who signs them in throughout the game.

Additional law enforcement will also be present before, during, and after football games now, and more lighting will be added in the stadium and front parking areas.

Loitering will no longer be allowed either, and all spectators will need to be in a seat unless they are visiting the concession stand or going to the restroom; to sit in the reserved section, a reserved ticket is required.

The changes being made are not temporary, according to Williams.

“These procedures are here to stay, ” Williams said.

New gate entrances will now be enforced, as well. General admission, including students with adults, will go through the front-right gate of Pate Stadium; reserved seating will enter through the front-middle gate; ninth-through-12th grade Scotland High School and Scotland Early College High School students with a school ID will come through the front-left gate; Scotland High School fall athletes will enter through the pathway that leads to the field house in the front-left part of the stadium; guests and staff with a field house pass will come through the pathway that leads to the field house in the back-right part of the stadium; and visitors — including all non-Scotland County Schools students — will go through the back-left gate.

“I want people to be able to enjoy the games,” Williams said. “We want to put those things in place so people realize it is still a place you can come and relax and enjoy a good game. We hope that people will be able to come out and feel safe and secure.”

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