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Actionable Threat Intelligence

The company benefits from the intelligence Kroll gains through responding to 3,000+ incidents annually, drawing insights from a diverse range of events, clients, sources and experts. This continually updated threat intelligence channeled back into its triage helps to inform their client’s in-house team and enhances detection capabilities.

360-Degree Threat Visibility

The company now has continuous and comprehensive threat visibility. Kroll Responder’s tech-agnostic approach allows this intelligence to fuel detection and build a more resilient, integrated organization, from Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and EDR to vulnerability scanning and behavioral monitoring.

Maximize In-House Security Team

Kroll Responder’s 24/7 monitoring capabilities have optimized our client’s in-house security team, allowing them to focus on intricate or challenging systems. The company’s security team now benefits from real-time threat intelligence provided by Kroll’s world-class analysts, eliminating the need to recruit and sustain an in-house, after-hours security team.

Alongside this, regular service reviews, an integral part of Kroll Responder MDR, keep their client well-informed about their risk profile and status. Kroll provides a vital checkpoint while simultaneously alleviating administrative responsibilities.

Enhanced Cyber Resilience

The valuable insights gained through Kroll’s incident response and post-incident investigation, combined with the ongoing monitoring and threat intelligence provided by Kroll Responder, better position their client to defend against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats in the future. Ultimately creating a stronger foundation for the company’s ongoing cybersecurity strategy.

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