SECNAP Cloud Security and the Law excerpt

Excerpt video of “Cloud and the Law” presentation given at secnap’s Cybersecurity Forum, West Palm Beach, 2012.,,,

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2 thoughts on “SECNAP Cloud Security and the Law excerpt

  1. Bradley Gross

    Dan–I remember you, thanks for the post. Not all of the video of the event
    came out as clearly as I would have liked, but I will look to see if that
    portion was clear. If it is not clear, I will create a new 3 minute piece
    on the difference between security and privacy, and post it here. Thanks
    for the input!

  2. Dan Farrell

    I’m the guy on the left in the foreground who gave the, “We’re secure”
    answer. I thought your presentation was excellent, could you post the rest
    of it, or at least the breakdown between security and privacy, as well as
    the upcoming congressional legislation you discussed? Thanks in advance.