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Second Annual Institute for School Safety held at WCSU’s Connecticut Center for School Safety and Crisis Preparation | #schoolsaftey

Christopher Mader, Assistant Principal of Region 8, said, “The sessions organized by the Center for School Safety and Crisis Prevention were well organized and expertly facilitated. I left with many ideas and an increased capacity to continue to enhance school safety in my district.”

Simsbury Police Department School Resource Officer Todd Kushman added, “This course was amazing and important to have between law enforcement and school staff. We need to be closer to being on the same page in order to handle situations in a more effective and productive manner. The CT Center for School Safety and Crisis Preparation has been an incredible resource for myself as an SRO. This allows me to hear from other SROs and school districts regarding common issues and ways to handle situations in a productive manner.”

Robert Killackey Jr., an educator at Norwalk Public Schools and a Preparedness Consultant, said, “The Student Threat Assessment and Threat Behavioral Analysis education and training at WCSU hosted by the Connecticut Center for School Safety and Crisis Preparation was exceptional. Having an experienced FBI Special Agent talk us through the concepts, facilitate discussions, and provide resources (written, online, and, if needed, advisory) helped deepen the collective understanding of the audience (law enforcement, social workers, mental health professionals and educators). From its inception, the CT Center for School Safety and Crisis Prevention at WCSU has been building both the confidence and capability of our schools and first responder communities in dealing with all hazards that could impact our school communities. It is a state focal point for invaluable education and training in preventing, responding to and recovering from school incidents.”

Robert Fuller, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Field Office, said, “We thank Western Connecticut State University for hosting this important collaborative training. Here in Connecticut, we pride ourselves on our great working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement partners as well as the safety professionals in attendance at this training. The sharing of intelligence, best practices and updated strategies are crucial to providing the best protection and prevention of violent crimes within our public educational facilities and beyond.”

To learn more about the Connecticut Center for School Safety and Crisis Preparation, go to www.wcsu.edu/schoolsafetycenter/ or contact WCSU Public Relations at
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