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MANILA, Philippines – Modern dating can feel like a minefield. Whether you’re on a serious search for “the one” or only in it for something casual, dating can be exhausting either way.

When you’re swimming through the dating pool, knowing what and what not to look for can help you keep your head above water – and perhaps, even lead to something special.

You don’t have to wait for a second date either – your first meeting can be telling enough, if you know the signs. 

Manners matter

For many of our readers, having good manners is one major first date green flag. Someone who’s well-mannered shows that they’re considerate of others and aren’t only thinking about themselves. Also, people with good manners are generally just nice to be with.

One of a kind

Kindness is easy to spot from the first date, so it’s unsurprising that it’s a go-to green flag for a lot of people. Someone who’s kind not only to their date but also to the wait staff is definitely second date-worthy. 

Genuinely kind people make you feel safe to be around them, which makes them great partners especially for the long haul. 

Digitally detached

If someone is way too attached to their phone, it’s definitely not a good sign. Conversely, if they keep their phone out of sight during the date, you know they’re truly interested in you and can be present whenever you’re together.

Good listener

How a conversation goes on a first date is a major factor in how good the date turns out to be. You know a discussion is flowing well when your date tells you about their life but also asks you about yours and pays attention when you answer.

Splits the bill

Gender stereotypes aside, who wouldn’t appreciate help with the restaurant bill, especially in this economy? While some people might feel entitled to a free meal, and others might feel a sense of pride at footing the entire bill, at least offering to split the cost of your date is a good indication that you went on the date for the company and not to get stuff for free.

Of course, these green flags are just signposts, little guidelines to let you know if your date has the potential to be anything more. Add strong chemistry and a great connection into the mix, and you know you’ve got a keeper. – Rappler.com


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