Secret CIA Hacker Front Group Lulz Sec Takes Phone Poll Then Hacks CIA

LOL, that is all I can say. They have a website and you can call them, but the NSA, Microsoft, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, IMF ….. cannot locate them? Voice recognition, phone records, and information data packet mining would catch the secret unraceable idiots …. this all happened on Twitter as Leon Panetta calls for it in a new Pearl Harbor in front of congress after the Senate was hacked. And the worlds greatest detectives that solve the greatest terror attacks in 1 or 2 days on average, cannot find these “hackers”. A new secret ghost to chase while taking your rights and extorting your money through staged operations and threats, making you pay for it five times over, and being less secure at the end of the day. When you hear the letters “CIA” in sucession, that literally means investigate for lies, crime, and the fear scam pretext. The MO pattern is ALWAYS the same. Look out for then new cyber false flag Pearl Harbor, Leon Panetta warned you and congress last week.

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